In monthly articles, Voice Over, an online magazine created by international artist David Liver with the support of the Intercultural Cities Programme of the Council of Europe, invites renowned provocative thinkers from the international sphere to address questions such as “How do we address intercultural, interclass, or inter-racial issues for raising criticism, exercising resistance, and experimenting with alternative discourses?”.

In providing an experimental platform for the articulation of their singular, and unconventional mindset through the arts, perceptions of interculturalism are confronted by new forms of debate led by the artists’ voices. Uncanny, creative, witty, and thoughtful, Voice-Over challenges its readers to look at the world from unexpected points of view, and provides the encouragement needed to see through this critical period.

The review urges readers and writers to reach beyond their usual notions of culture and Europe. With a hybrid targeted audience among art crowds and European representatives from different backgrounds, Voice-over wants to be a crossover tool for raising knowledge, stimulating research, and opening conversations on the European matters.

The first issue is about Conflict, the 2nd issue is about Artificial Intelligence. The 3rd issue of Voice Over "BORDERS" is about MIGRATIONS, immigration and emigration.

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