The Intercultural cities programme supports public authorities in reviewing and adapting their policies through an intercultural lens, and developing comprehensive intercultural strategies to manage diversity as an advantage for the whole society.

Intercultural Cities is also more than a capacity building programme: it is a platform to connect cities and leaders globally. Considering the growing number of new members, the ICC programme has developed a welcome package conceived as a toolbox primarily targeting new cities but equally useful for old members.

The welcome pack includes a brand package with guidance and tools (banners, logos and visuals, templates for presentations, fast facts models, customisable profile photos, e-signatures, etc.) for adopting a common and shared identity. Visual identity symbolises the very image of an institution, of a network, of a vision for the future. With a single, consistent and easily recognisable identity, the cities member of the ICC network can reinforce their image as intercultural cities belonging to a coalition of municipalities that believe and prove that diversity, if managed responsibly and skillfully, is a major asset for their societies. The visual identity approach contained in the ICC brand pack is designed to draw attention to the existence of the Intercultural Cities’ network and of the values of its member cities in all communication media, while preserving the individuality of each municipality in its own institutional communication.