Children’s rights

 Guide for Children and Young People to the Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child (2022-2027) 

 “Passport to your rights”
 I have rights, you have rights, he/she has rights… brochure
 selection of languages
 Posters – A1 and A2 sizes – Available here

Sexual violence

 Kiko and the Hand – A children’s book
 Kiko and the Hand – TV spot

 "Tell Someone you Trust" - Brochure
 "Tell Someone you Trust" - TV spot

 "So, this is sexual abuse?" booklet - ENGHUN
 "So, this is sexual abuse?" video explanation - ENGHUN

 Kiko and the Manymes (Storybook for children 4-7) and Advice for Parents
 Kiko and the Manymes - video

Corporal punishment and positive parenting

 Illustrated brochure on positive parenting
 Abolishing corporal punishment of children – Key points: a fold-out brochure with cartoon stickers
 Handscape TV spot

Three campaign posters “Your hands should nurture not punish”

Child participation

 Child Participation Assessment Tool -  video

Children in care

 Booklet “Children and young people in care – Discover your rights!”
 Leaflet “Children and young people in care – Discover your rights!”    
 Leaflet “Guaranteeing the rights of children living in residential institutions”
 Poster “Children and young people in care – Discover your rights!”

Children and migration

 Leaflet "Your rights in the age assessment procedure - Information for children in migration"

 Age assessment of children in migration - animation

Democracy and human rights

 Education for democracy and human rights – child-friendly materials
 Beat Bullying video


 Leaflet “Learn about your rights in the digital environment” (DEU, POR, RON and UKR)