About the project

The project "Support to the justice reform in Armenia" aims to ensure that citizens of Armenia enjoy their rights in line with the European standards and benefit from accountable and professional justice system. It supports Armenian authorities to further advance the reform of the judicial system by strengthening its independence, accountability and professionalism. It also aims to aid Armenian authorities ensure effective implementation of the new criminal justice legislation in line with European human rights standards.

The project is implemented within the third Phase of the joint programme of the European Union and the Council of Europe “Partnership for Good Governance” running from 2023 until 2027. It builds on the results of the previous phases of the Partnership for Good Governance in the field of strengthening justice (Phase I 2015-2018 and Phase II 2019-2023).

How does the project work?

  • Through a combination of tailored policy/legislative, capacity-building and awareness raising actions

Who benefits from the project?

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Constitutional Court
  • Court of Cassation
  • General Assembly of Judges
  • Association of Judges
  • Justice Academy
  • Supreme Judicial Council
  • General Prosecutor’s Office
  • Human Rights Defender’s Office
  • Office of the Representative of Armenia on International Legal Matters
  • Civil society organisations
  • The general public, including persons seeking the protection of their rights in courts

What do we expect to achieve?

  • National authorities have the necessary capacity and tools to implement the Judicial and Legal Reforms Strategy for 2022-2026 in line with European standards and best practices.
  • National authorities align legal framework and policies on judicial independence, impartiality and accountability with CoE standards.
  • Judicial self-governing bodies’ and courts' capacity is enhanced to act in a professional, transparent and accountable manner.
  • Capacity of the criminal justice stakeholders is strengthened to ensure effective implementation of new criminal justice legislation through harmonised policies, institutional and legal frameworks, and implementation practices.


What is the Partnership for Good Governance?

The “Partnership for Good Governance” (PGG) is a joint initiative of the European Union and the Council of Europe for strengthening good governance in the Eastern Partnership region*. The "Partnership for Good Governance" provides tailor-made support to Eastern Partnership countries to bring their legislation and practice closer to European standards in the fields of human rights, rule of law and democracy. It supports, in particular, Eastern Partnership countries’ domestic reforms to strengthen justice, counter economic crime, promote equality and non-discrimination, advance women’s access to justice and combat violence against women.

* While the Partnership for Good Governance does not include activities with the participation of the Belarusian authorities, activities may be organised with the representatives of Belarusian civil society and democratic forces as appropriate in line with the European Council Conclusions of February 2022 and the Decision of the Council of Europe Ministers’ Deputies of March 2022.