• Model form for the exchange of judicial records
  • Model request form for mutual assistance in criminal matters
     PC-OC Mod (2014)10 rev.6

    Web version
  • Guidelines to the Model request form
     PC-OC (2015)09 rev3
  • Guidelines on practical measures to improve co-operation in respect of transfer of proceedings, including a model request form
     PC-OC INF 78
  • Compliation of the replies to the questionnaire on the application of articles 13 and 22
  • Replies to Questionnaire on legal and technical aspects of the use of video conferences in mutual legal assistance in criminal matters
     PC-OC (2012) 1 Rev2 Bil.
  • Consolidated document reflecting the applicable provisions of the European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters and its two Additional Protocols
    Prepared by Mr Miroslav Kubíček (Czech Republic)
     PC-OC (2011) 15 Rev
  • List of bilateral and multilateral regional treaties binding Council of Europe member States
     PC-OC Inf 8 Bil rev.7
  • Art 22: request for DNA - comments
     PC-OC (2004)16