The Project is Funded by the Kingdom of Denmark Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

With this project, Council of Europe aims to With this project, Council of Europe aims to
Activities planned Activities planned
  • Provision of legal expertise on identified topics related to criminal justice;
  • Development of guidelines and relevant internal acts of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office for dismissal of a case, for request of pre-trial measures , for plea-bargaining, etc.;
  • Series of workshops/training for judges, prosecutors and lawyers;
  • Conferences to share best practices;
  • Roundtable discussions for the members of the Constitutional Reform Commission;
  • Creation of a Thesaurus of terms for tagging and searching judgements of the Supreme Court of based on the concrete needs of Georgian judiciary;
  • Study visits to European countries with the aim to exchange experience;
  • Training sessions/peer discussion for the HCoJ/Monitoring Council and Disciplinary Committee;
  • Translation and publication of relevant CoE recommendations and other standard-setting documents on judiciary.