New Equality Ambassadors for the promotion of equality and diversity in Georgia

New Equality Ambassadors for the promotion of equality and diversity in Georgia

The Council of Europe continues with the Equality Ambassadors’ initiative in Georgia by selecting new Equality Ambassadors from various regions. The initiative aims to engage young people from different communities in Georgia to increase public appreciation on human rights, equality, diversity and tolerance and raise awareness on their importance in ensuring democracy, protection of human rights, peace and prosperity.

In the framework of the programme, young people living in Tbilisi, Adjara, Kvemo Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Akhmeta municipalities are given the opportunity to become Ambassadors in their communities and inform their youth peers about the importance of the protection of human rights, redress mechanisms against discrimination, equality and diversity.

The selected Equality Ambassadors are:


· Luka Gabedava

· Mariam Kostaniani

· Mariam Vadachkoria

Kvemo Kartli

· Giorgi Abuladze

· Irina Mikava


· Lamara Teliashvili


· Beka Jokiladze

Akhmeta Municipality

· Lalita Kushanashvili

The selection was done through an open and competitive process carried out in two phases: application and interview process.

The Equality Ambassadors’ programme is run by the Council of Europe since 2020. This activity is implemented in the framework of the Project “Promoting the Effective Protection of Equality and Non-Discrimination in Georgia”. The Project is funded through the Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2020-2023.