Office of the eSrebrenica, opened


(Text taken from the portal eSrebrenica): Prompted by the desire to send some more positive and prettier stories from Srebrenicato, and provide to its citizens and all friends of Srebrenica  to see and experience a different, brighter and more meaningful Srebrenica, an  interactive Web portal was designed.

Portal is designed to collect in one place all the information about Srebrenica, with the help of local institutions, organisations, individuals, and those interested in Srebrenica and its potentials, and who will be able to personally contribute to creation of stories and content that would present and promote Srebrenica and its potentials.

In addition to the positive promotion of Srebrenica, goal of the project is to provide a neutral space for young people, communication and creative initiatives for the improvement of relations between communities, stimulation of economic development and employment opportunities, education and information .

In addition to content related to history, tourism, education culture and events, we encourage you to contribute by sending different articles, photos and videos as well as some of your authentic stories or other content by which you will contribute to the quality of the portal to the general satisfaction of all of its users.

Currently has 3 members: Anes, Mladen and Nihad .

Project is supported by the Council of Europe.

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