Congress members engage with local authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina on transparent and accountable public procurement

Bosnia and Herzegovina 22 and 24 November 2022

On 22 and 24 November 2022, local authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina met to discuss the new legislative environment in the area of public procurement , during a two-part online event on “Transparent and accountable public procurement: legislation, trends and good practices“.

“Transparent and accountable public procurement may not gain votes, but it contributes to positive image of citizens towards local elected representatives,“ stated Congress member James Moloney (Ireland, ILDG) in the exchange of views with members of the Platform of Exchange on open local governance.

Participants discussed the importance of an ethical and accountable approach in the public procurement cycle, and the technology driving reforms in these areas, including open data platforms and portals that contribute to transparency and prevention of corruption at local level, in the context Bosnia and Herzegovina's progress towards the European Union membership.

“As local authorities, we have a duty to give our citizens the data and the information that they need, to be sure that democracy is safe in our hands“, concluded Congress member Andrew Boff (United Kingdom, ECR).

This event is part of the capacity development path offered to members of the Platform of Exchange on open local governance. It is organised within the project “Innovating democratic participation at local level in Bosnia and Herzegovina” implemented by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities as part of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina 2022-2025. The project aims to enhance the quality of local democracy and create opportunities for citizens to engage in innovative participatory processes in Mostar and elsewhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It promotes new democratic approaches, open government, public ethics, and transparent and inclusive local policy making in the country.

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