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Roma and Travellers Team Roma and Travellers Team
Thorsten Afflerbach
  • Head of Division for the Roma and Travellers Team
Aurora Ailincai
  • Head of Strategic Partnerships Unit
Michael Guet
  • Head of Inter-governmental Cooperation, Anti-Gypsyism and Roma Equality Unit (iCARE Unit)
  • Secretary of Ad Hoc Committee of Experts on Roma and traveller Issues (CAHROM)
Malgorzata Rozycka
  • National Seconded Official (Poland)
Chrisoula Arcoudis
  • National Seconded Official (Greece)
Manuel Soriat
  • Seconded Officer from the European Alliance of Cities and Regions for the Inclusion of Roma and Travellers
Robert Rustem
  • Outreach Officer to the Roma and Travellers Team
Marcos Andrade
  • Programme Manager
  • European Training Programme for Roma Mediators (ROMED): "Democratic governance and community participation through mediation
Ana Oprisan
  • Programme Manager
  • Roma Inclusion at Local Level (ROMACT)
Isabela Mihalache
  • Programme Manager
  • Access for Roma and Travellers women to justice (JUSTROM) programme
Valerie Poppe-Muess
  • Project Manager
Nedim Vrabac
  • Project manager  
Clementine Trolong-Bailly
  • ROMACT Programme Officer 
Marina Vasic
  • ROMACTED Project Officer 
Oana Gaillard
  • INSCHOOL Project Officer
Victoria Hopson
  • ROMACTED Project Officer
Ljiljana Stojisavljevic
  • Assistant
Snezana Jacevski
  • Assistant
Sandra Veloy-Mateu
  • Administrative Assistant to JUSTROM Programme
Eylem Soylemez
  • Administrative Assistant to the ROMACT Programme
Tudorel Taba
  • Administrative Assistant to the ROMACT Programme