Below you will find all Council of Europe calls for tender that have to be published:

Tender procedures are managed according to the following threshold values:

  • Need < EUR 55 000 ou 171 000*: calls for tenders are sent directly to the Council of Europe's known suppliers and might be published.
  • Need > EUR 55 000 ou EUR 171 000*: calls for tenders are:
    • sent to the Council of Europe's known suppliers;
    • and / or published on the E-procurement platform or on the Council of Europe site;
    • possibly published on the European Union's TED platform and the LinkedIn page.

All suppliers attending calls for tenders issued by the Council of Europe are informed of decisions taken on their bids. Awards relating to most tenders published on E-procurement are also available on the platform. Remaining decisions will be sent directly to suppliers by e-mail.


Consult the list of awarded tenders

Awards exceeding EUR 55 000 or 171 000* not published on E-procurement will be listed every six months. All suppliers have access to this information which, for each contract, indicates:

  • Name of the chosen supplier;
  • Locality of the chosen supplier;
  • Description of the tender awarded;
  • Estimated value of the tender awarded;
  • Type of contract.

*Threshold depending on the type of budget used