Owing to the privileges and immunities it enjoys in the area of procurement, the Council of Europe has its own contractual documents which, for simplicity's sake, are based on European public tenders.

The documents used by the Council of Europe depend on the strategic importance of the tenders to be awarded (eg: is the tender divided into several packages?  are specific clauses – deadlines or penalties - necessary?) and/or their financial scale (eg: value of the tender).

They fall into one of two groups:

  • Tenders < 25 000 EUR: order letters and any financial appendices, General Purchasing Conditions and/or service provision simplified
  • Tenders > 25 000 EUR:
    • Act of Engagement (AE): document in which the supplier commits their company for a fixed amount;
    • General  Conditions (CG): the General Purchasing Conditions of the Council of Europe, or for certain purchases, the General Conditions for Works; Supplies and Services; Intellectual Services; or IT Services, which override any other Sales Conditions of the Organisation's suppliers.
    • Special Conditions (CS): document listing any derogations from the General Conditions;
    • Technical specifications (ST): document conveying the Council of Europe's technical needs;
    • Breakdown of the overall, all-inclusive price (DPGF): used to list the supplier's bids for all-inclusive needs;
    • Schedule of unit prices (BPU): used to list the supplier's bids for needs broken down by unit;
    • Tender rules (RC): non-contractual document providing suppliers with all the rules to be followed when replying to a call for tenders.

How the contracts work at the Council of Europe:

It should be noted that, in order to make our calls for tenders accessible for suppliers internationally, the titles of some of the Council of Europe's contractual documents differ from the titles of commonly used French or even European tendering documents.

Title of public tendering document used in France / equivalent and in-house abbreviation at the Council of Europe:

  • CCAG = General Conditions (CG)
  • CCAP = Special Conditions (CS)
  • CCTP = Technical Specifications (TS)
  • RC = Tender rules (RC)
  • AE = Act of Engagement (AE)
  • BPU = Schedule of unit prices (BPU)
  • DPGF = Breakdown of the overall, all-inclusive price (DPGF)
  • DC1 / DC2 / DC4 = Tenderer declaration 1 / 2 / 4