In view of the privileges and immunities enjoyed by the Council of Europe, procurement is governed by rules and regulations specific to the Council.

  • Articles 37 to 43 of the Financial Regulations
  • Rule No. 1395 on the procurement procedures of the Council of Europe
  • Rule No.  481 of 27 February 1976 laying down the arbitration procedure for disputes
  • Rule No. 1294 on managing alcohol-related risks on Council of Europe premises
  • Rule No. 1292 on the protection of human dignity at the Council of Europe
  • Rule No. 1296 on the acceptance of fees, gifts, decorations or honours, invitations and other advantages from third parties
  • Rule No. 1327 on awareness and prevention of fraud and corruption
  • Rule No. 1267 prohibiting smoking inside all Council of Europe buildings

Furthermore, suppliers should note that Council of Europe buyers are also bound by the Organisation's own internal code of ethics for procurement which covers, among others, the following areas:

  • Confidentiality
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Offering and receiving gifts
  • Equal treatment of suppliers
  • Equal opportunities for all compagnies responding to the Council's calls for tenders