Lejla Dervisagic, Head of Office
  • Milica Mihaljevic, Office Assistant             

Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Türkiye

Strengthening accountability of the judicial system and enhancing protection of victims' rights in Montenegro

  • Marija Vuksanovic, Senior Project Officer
  • Ivona Dragutinovic, Senior Project Officer 
  • Vesna Kekovic, Project Assistant
  • Ana Jovanovic, Project Assistant 
 Enhancing the human rights protection for detained and sentenced persons in Montenegro
  • Tatjana Miranovic, Senior Project Officer
  • Bojana Rakocevic, Project Assistant
Action against conomic crime in Montenegro 
  • Marina Micunovic, Senior Project Officer
  • Stefa Adzic, Project Assistant

 Combating hatred and intolerance in Montenegro 
  • Alessandro Botta, Project Officer
  • Maja Mikic Landratoske, Project Assistant

 Quality education for all – Montenegro
  • Milos Boskovic, Senior Project Officer
  • Bogdan Pipovic, Project Assistant

 Protecting freedom of expression and of the media in Montenegro (PRO-FREX-M)

  • Milica Kovacevic, National Programme Officer