Status regarding Budapest Convention
Last updated : 16/04/2020

Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status : Party Signed : 30/06/2008 Ratified / acceded : 15/03/2010 See legal profile

Cybercrime policies/strategies

There is no dedicated strategy or other specific policy documents on cybercrime currently available or being developed in Azerbaijan.


In terms of cybersecurity, Azerbaijan has an information society strategy which encompasses most aspects of a cybersecurity strategy (“National Strategy of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Development of the Information Society for the period 2014 -2020”).


The main objective of the strategy is to build an information society and effective use of its capabilities by citizens, society and the State for the sustainable socio-economic, cultural and economic development of the country, including the development of ICT. Section 2.2.9 of the Strategy in particular concerns “ensuring information security through training and awareness raising” (it has to be noted that concepts of information and cyber security are often meant to be the same in the practice of post-Soviet States).

The corresponding section 5.6 of the Action Plan on “Ensuring information security” notes regulatory framework review, monitoring of the Internet, ensuring safety of e-government infrastructure, and enhancing cooperation with information security agencies worldwide as main directions of action in this regard. The State Agency for Special Communications and Information Security and the Electronic Security Centre are primary bodies for cybersecurity matters.

Specialised institutions

Operational cybercrime units:

Department of Combating Crimes in Communications and IT of the Counter-intelligence Provision of the Economy at the State Security Service;

Ministry of the Interior (unit being set up).

Jurisprudence/case law

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