Welcome to the new Octopus Community!

Bucharest 10 June 2020
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Welcome to the new Octopus Community!

We are happy to announce the opening for public access of our specialised resource on cybercrime and electronic evidence!

The Cybercrime Convention Committee has on several opportunities welcomed the Octopus Community as an important platform for sharing information, and many States have contributed to populating it.

The Council of Europe is grateful to all Community members who helped us grow this resource!


What's next?

We strive to provide information that is as complete as possible; however, we also would like to move ahead and publish information without delay.

Therefore, we are launching the resource in several stages:

  • At the initial stage, we aim to have Country Wikis for all States and detailed legal profiles for the majority of them. Country Wikis will then be completed with details on procedures and good practices for international cooperation in all Parties to the Budapest Convention.
  • After that, the tools for “Organisation Wikis” and for “public/private cooperation” will be finalised.

We welcome your feedback and contributions at any stage!



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  Are you aware of the latest legislative or policy developments on cybercrime and electronic evidence?

  Share this information with us helping to keep this platform up to date.