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    Status regarding Budapest Convention

Status regarding Budapest Convention

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Cybercrime policies/strategies

The National Cybersecurity Policy Framework (NCPF) for South Africa was developed by the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster in South Africa in an effort to create a framework to investigate and combat cybercrime. It was approved by Parliament in 2012 but only published in the government gazette in December 2015. The key objectives of the NCPF are to:

  • Centralise coordination of cybersecurity activities by facilitating the establishment of relevant structures, policy frameworks and strategies in support of cybersecurity in order to combat cybercrime, address national security imperatives and to enhance the information society and knowledge-based economy;
  • Foster cooperation and coordination between government, the private sector, and civil society by stimulating and supporting a strong interplay between policy, legislation, societal acceptance, and technology;
  • Promote international cooperation;
  • Develop requisite skills, research and development capacity;
  • Promote a culture of cybersecurity;
  • Promote compliance with appropriate technical and operational cybersecurity standards.

Jurisprudence/case law

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