The main objectives are to improve the capacities of the training institutions to better assess the impact of human rights trainings for the judiciary through development of tools and methodology and to further enhance cooperation and sharing good practices, methodology among training institutions in order to create more harmonised and sustainable approach of usage developed training materials. 

The main partners and beneficiaries of the Action are the training institutions for judges and prosecutors - Judicial institutions in the region (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo*)

The following results are expected:

  1. The capacity of the Justice training institutions is strengthened, and all the outputs, methodology and tools developed under the action are:
  • incorporated under the evaluation methodology of the respective justice academies;
  • remained relevant and sustainable after finalisation of this action;
  • improving the quality of evaluation and ensuring sustainability in using the tools by the training institutions;
  • having impact towards changes of the national jurisprudence and its compliance with the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights

2. Cooperation and networking among justice institutions in the region is enhanced;

3. Members of the Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils in the region support the action’s output to better evaluate quality of national jurisprudence.

Methodology for Evaluation of Human Rights Training discussed with Judicial Training Institutes representatives from the region

Representatives and trainers of the Judicial Training Institutes of the Western Balkan region met in an online forum to discuss the impact evaluation of training activities and important aspects related to the usage of the Methodology and Tools for Evaluation of Human Rights Training. Professor...

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Online tools for evaluation of training activities available to Judicial Training Institutes in the Western Balkans


In the process of improving the capacities of the training institutions in the Western Balkans to better assess the impact of human rights trainings through development of tools and methodology, a practical online training was organised on 20 April 2022. The capacity building activity on online...

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Regional outreach on usage of evaluation Methodology and Tools, Durres, 1 April 2022


In order to provide the Albanian School of Magistrates with new inspirations, perspectives and ideas on how to maximise its efforts in its evaluation tasks, a regional outreach activity was organised in Durres with the participation of the staff and lecturers from the School of Magistrates, the...

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