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On 8 June 2021 an online workshop on use of electronic tools for effective case management and case processing applied by the European Court of Human Rights, was facilitated under the Project. The webinar was organised in the framework of activity supporting revamp of the case management system of the Constitutional Court. The event hosted key professionals involved with case management in the European Court of Human Rights and relevant professionals from the Constitutional Court.

During the revamp process, relevant Project beneficiaries including judges, legal advisors, interpreters, and IT staff of the Constitutional Court are closely involved and consulted in developing the most optimal solutions, adjusted for their every-day needs. In this respect, the webinar enabled very productive exchange of experience with end-users of such system in the European Court of Human Rights.

The online workshop was divided in two thematic sessions, each targeting relevant end-users with the respective roles assigned to them in the system.

The main target group for the first session were judges and legal advisors of the Constitutional Court who were presented tasks of different users in such system of the European Court of Human Rights and procedures for documents circulation, exchange on the drafts between lawyers and judges, tools used for legal research and many other useful solutions.

The second session was purposed for registry members and translators of the Constitutional Court. It was focused on the case-flow, research tools and methodologies available through Juris Consult Unit, presentation of legal templates and existing tools for translation in the system. The discussions at the both sessions were accompanied by on-line demonstration of the existing tools and processes.

The webinar was one of the concluding activities of the project, which officially ends on 30 June after almost two and half years of implementation. It is funded by Norway and implemented by the Council of Europe.

Pristina 8 June 2021
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