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Strasbourg (France), 25 November 2013

On 25 November 2013, the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention invited high-level speakers and representatives of all member states to Strasbourg to celebrate the 15th anniversary by engaging in discussions on the achievements and outstanding challenges of minority protection in Europe today. Particular emphasis was placed on the continued exclusion of persons belonging to Roma communities as well as the re-emergence of nationalism and racism in many parts of Europe. Speakers, including former Presidents of the Advisory Committee as well as representatives of minority organizations, the UN, EU FRA and the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities adamantly called on states to recommit themselves to ensure that persons belonging to national minorities are adequately protected and valued as active members of European society.


Presentations (in programme order)

Official Opening: Ms Snežana SAMARDŽIĆ-MARKOVIĆ, Director General of Democracy - Directorate General II

Keynote speech  by Asbjørn Eide: Frameworks for diversity and equality in our contemporary world: Experiences with minority protection in Europe and at the United Nations. 

Response to key note address, Alan Philipps, Former President of the ACFC

I Panel: Perspectives from minority and NGO representatives

Christopher Chapman, Head of Conflict Prevention, Minority Rights Group, Powerpoint

Robert Rustem, Head of the Secretariat of the European Roma and Travellers Forum, Powerpoint and presentation

Davyth Hicks, Head of EUROLANG, Vice President of the European Language Equality Network, Powerpoint

III Panel: Complementary reflections on selected issues of current relevance:

Petra Roter, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia: Minority rights protection in the Western Balkans

Alexandra Tomaselli, EURAC: Current challenges and protection of Indigenous Peoples' rights under the FCNM

Practical issues related to the monitoring mechanism
Introduction by Francesco Palermo, First Vice President of the ACFC

Other documents/contributions of speakers

Gabriel N.Toggenburg, The EU's attitude vis-à-vis minorities: a play in three parts and an open end
Gabriel N.Toggenburg, The Lisbon Treaty: a rich cocktail served in an only half-full glass