Looking at reality to transform it from a democratic perspective

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This unit, which is part of the Pestalozzi programme, serves, through practical activities, to familiarize teachers with the pedagogy of "mini stories" and their use in an educational perspective at the democratic citizenship They will test the method in question in two activities and will have the opportunity to evaluate it with the proposed grid. This method makes it possible to develop so-called "natural", "non-teachable" skills such as "knowing how to listen", "questioning the evidence and being critical", "meeting differences without violence", etc., all practical skills related to inclusive democratic citizenship. Finally, this training unit proposes to build peer-to-peer tools to assess the skills targeted.

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To cite this resource : Grosjean, M.-P. (2012) Regarder le réel pour le transformer dans une perspective démocratique. Conseil de l’Europe, Pestalozzi Ressources Pédagogiques.
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