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This publication presents the core competences that shape the basic skillset of teachers required to implement EDC/HRE in the classroom, throughout a whole school or in the wider community.

It is intended for teachers in all stages and subject areas of education and teacher-educators working in higher education institutions or other settings, in both pre- and in-service training. 

15 competences are presented and grouped into four progressive chapters, each one  corresponding to questions and issues that teachers and teacher-educators are likely to meet when implementing EDC/HRE: knowledge and understanding; teaching and learning activities that develop EDC/HRE in the classroom and school (planning, class management, teaching and assessment); teaching and learning activities that develop EDC/HRE through partnerships and community involvement (EDC/HRE in action); implementing and evaluating participative EDC/HRE approaches. 

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To cite this resource: Brett, P., Mompoint-Gaillard, P. & Salema, M.H. (2009). How all teachers can support citizenship and human rights education: a framework for the development of competences. Strasbourg: Council of Europe.

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