Head, hands and body – diversity and cooperation

competences for democracy pdf
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This Pestalozzi training unit consists of four co-operative learning activities that can be done separately or in a one-day session. The unit is focused on the interaction between learners and the creation of a positive learning atmosphere to help participants to discover meanings, perspectives and intentions behind actions, through music, verbal and non-verbal language. With the development of co-operation, trust, creativity, self-confidence, adaptability, commitment, acceptance, communication, and interaction, the training introduces participants to the basic principles of co-operative learning. It thereby models the right behavior and organises the learning process in ways that are conducive to the development of democratic and intercultural competences.

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To cite this resource: Santos, J. (2015). Head, hands and body – creative thinking, diversity and cooperation with others. In Council of Europe Pestalozzi Programme Training Units.

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