Confrontation of world views on the issue of homosexuality

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This training unit offers a light introduction to the issue of homosexuality and homophobia through portrayal  in the mass media and its impact on our world views. Providing a safe-distance experience on the topic, it challenges teachers to develop the skills to analyse and be critical when consulting different mass media sources: recognising different points of view, prejudices and bias as well as accurate and reliable information on the subject. Participants are exposed to case studies based on true stories, that have occurred in educational contexts, and do role play on the topic of conflict resolution.

The unit, developed within the Pestalozzi Programme, can be used at initial or in-service training of teachers in all levels of education.

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To cite this resource: Aroni, A. (2012). Confrontation of World Views on the Issue of Homosexuality. Council of Europe, Pestalozzi Programme Training Units.

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