Integrated Approach to Landscape Protection, Planning and Management

Zagreb, Croatia, 20 October 2018

The National Conference on the implementation of the European Landscape Convention will be held in the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb (Address: Fra Andrije Kačića Miošića 26, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia), on 20 October 2018. The Conference is organised during the Chairmanship of Croatia of the Council of Europe for the Celebration of the International Landscape Day of the Council of Europe, by the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning and the Croatian Institute for Spatial Development, and the Council of Europe – Secretariat of the European Landscape Convention, Directorate of Democratic Participation –, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Croatia, the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund of Croatia, within the context of the Work Programme of the European Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe. The Conference aims to present the European Landscape Convention and to discuss its implementation in Croatia.

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