Childcare Centre

The Council of Europe Childcare Centre caters for up to 50 children (35 from Council of Europe families and 15 children from the City of Strasbourg) between 10 weeks and 3 years old. The waiting list for the childcare centre can be long, so it is not always possible to meet all demands. There are several other childcare options however – more information can be given upon request.

Multi accueil du Conseil de l'Europe
1 Quai Jacoutot
67000 Strasbourg

Tél : 03 90 21 43 23  

Family Assistance

Members of staff and their families may contact the Council's welfare officer, who can assist with the various administrative formalities and provide information on the different types of day-care facilities and benefits provided by the Caisse d'allocations familiales (Family Allowances Fund).

Schooling and Education

The French School System

The French school system is divided into four main stages:

  • Nursery school (3-6 years) – école maternelle
  • Primary school (6-11 years) – école élémentaire
  • Lower secondary school (11-14 years) - collège
  • Upper secondary school (15-18 years) - lycée

The baccalauréat school-leaving certificate (awarded at the end of the lycée after final examination) is the university entrance requirement.

Both state and private schools exist. The choice of state school for your child depends on the district you live in, although exceptions can be granted under certain conditions.

Private schools may operate under contract with the state, in which case they follow the same curriculum as state schools.

International Schools:

In Strasbourg, there is a particularly wide range of international schools and international sections in the either public or private schools. The international sections in the public international schools offer other languages in alternation, alongside the French curriculum, such as English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese and Russian.

Others (private sector):

Other relevant information can be found here:

Family Leisure

There are lots of possibilities for families in Strasbourg and its surroundings, with many fun unique attractions. There are well-known public parks and gardens (including the zoo in the Orangerie), playground centres, sport centres and others. Enjoy a boat tour of the city, or visit Europa Park nearby in Germany, one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe - perfect for kids (and adults!) of all ages.


Museums & discovery centres

In Strasbourg all the museums are free on the first Sunday of every month, for all visitors younger than 18 and for disabled visitors. Those especially appreciated by children are Centre Tomi Ungerer (collection of old and modern toys) and Le Musée Zoologique. Alternatively, you could spend nice afternoon in one of the discovery centres:  Le Planétarium, all about the universe we live in; or Le Vaisseau - Discovery Center of Science and Technology, designed to offer children a fun way of exploring science.

Theatres & cinemas

Strasbourg offers a wide variety of shows, including the Theatre Jeune Public with productions intended for children and adolescents. Each year the Strasbourg Opera programs shows dedicated to children.

There are also several cinemas in the city where you could definitely find interesting films for your child. Check their programme ; there would be for sure something interesting for children of all ages!


If you would like to discover the region of Alsace, there are a few wildlife parks in the surroundings which could be a great adventure for all the family. For example:

  • Cigoland - in Kintzheim (dedicated to storks, symbol of Alsace region)
  • Les Naiades Park in Ottrott
  • Monkey Mountain  and La Volerie des Aigles (eagles) in Kintzheim
  • Zoological Park in Mulhouse (
  • Park of Butterflies in Hunawihr
  • Fantasialand in Hagenau
  • Vivarium du Moulin in Lautenbach Zell

Also situated nearby, the Vosges Mountains (with Natural Park Vosges du Nord - designated by UNESCO as one of the biosphere's world reserves) provide a great environment for walking, cycling and skiing.

Parks and Gardens

Strasbourg has some beautiful parks and gardens, ideal for picnics and leisure activities.

  • The Orangerie Park – situated right next to the Council of Europe, this beautiful park has playgrounds, a zoo, and mini-farm.
  • The Botanical Gardens
  • The Citadelle Park - a former fortified site.
  • The Pourtalès Park - a showcase for contemporary art.
  • The Two Shores Garden