What do you do?

I'm responsible for the smooth running of all meetings, conferences, hearings, sessions and debates from the technical point of view, i.e., multimedia.


What is your background?

To start with I did an electrician's diploma, and then I gained a diploma in industrial computer applications followed by a Master's in media engineering. At the beginning of my career, I worked in telephony then in computer network installation. When I first arrived at the Council of Europe, I initially worked in the IT directorate (installing electronic office equipment then maintaining and managing the stock), before the convergence of the IT and audiovisual worlds appeared in the organisation. In 2000 we did the first webcast on the Internet, and since then my job has been to develop multimedia at the Council of Europe.


What do you like about your job?

What I like about what I do is precisely this constant innovation, keeping track of technological developments and change.
In the Council of Europe, I particularly appreciate this continual movement both in the events going on there and at the human level. In my profession, my contacts and clients are people of all trades, from all backgrounds, whether inside the Council of Europe or outside.
I adore Strasbourg, a town on a human scale with a very pleasant lifestyle.