Collection of papers addressing the topic of preventing violence against women

 Ensuring the non-discrimination implementation of measures against violence against women and domestic violence:  Article 4, paragraph 3 of the Istanbul Convention

 Ensuring data collection and research: Article 11 of the Istanbul Convention (2016)

 Prevention of violence against women: Article 12 of the Istanbul Convention  

 Raising awareness of violence against women : Article 13 of the Istanbul Convention

 Preventing violence against women through formal and informal education: Article 14 of the Istanbul Convention

 Domestic and sexual violence perpetrator programmes: Article 16 of the Istanbul Convention  

 Encouraging the participation of the private sector and the media in the prevention of violence against women and domestic violence : Article 17 of the Istanbul Convention

 Emergency barring orders in situations of domestic violence : Article 52

 Gender-based asylum claims and non-refoulement: Articles 60 and 61 of the Istanbul Convention


Thematic Factsheets

 12 steps to comply with the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combatting violence against women and domestic violence 

 Children's rights ;  Stalking

 Protection migrant women, refugee women, and women asylum-seekers from gender-balanced violence

 Crimes committed in the name of so-called "honour" ;  Female Genital Mutilation

 An instrument to promote greater equality between women and men

 Factsheet on the Istanbul Convention