Artificial Intelligence and equality

Numerous studies have highlighted the risks that so-called artificial intelligence (AI) and automated decision-making systems pose to the principles of equality and non-discrimination in employment, the provision of goods or services in both the public and private sectors, public security policies or even in the fight against fraud. Guidance is needed for various public and private bodies using AI systems on how to assess the potential impact on equality of treatment, how to raise awareness among those concerned, including IT developers, equality bodies etc. and especially the general public, as potential victims.

We have also worked on the topic of artificial intelligence with an anti-discrimination focus for the local level through webinars and training materials. Public services provided by municipalities are increasingly supported by technologies including automated decision-making (ADM) tools and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The resources produced help identify risks and present methods which may help tackle or minimize prejudice and discrimination while using artificial intelligence or automated decision-making tools, such as human–centred solutions embedded in public procurement procedures and algorithmic impact assessments.

 Training courses