Equality reporters

Mari Bitsadze - Equality Reporter

Hello, my name is Mari, I am 18 years old and I am hard of hearing. I was two years old when I was diagnosed. My mother recalls: „Time stood still that day, the entire world turned upside down. Specialists told me – you should get used to it, you should learn sign language to understand her, take...

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Saba Bedineishvili - Equality Reporter

All of us are a part of a society. We live in the environment that we create. One can assume that the environment tailored to us should be comfortable for us but in fact, this isn’t true! Why? The answer is simple. Part of the society is perpetuating stereotypical attitudes in Georgia, which...

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Lale Sofieva - Equality Reporter

Human equality is a problem that remains unresolved worldwide. In the 21st century, certain groups of people still have to fight for their rights. Despite the efforts made for raising awareness, different types of discrimination continue to exist. Centuries ago human rights and especially women’s...

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