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You order dinner with friends using a new application. One of them, who is a vegetarian, asks you to order from another place, as vegetarian dishes are not offered at that one. How would you react?

  • 0 You tell your vegetarian friend: "Maybe you taste the meat this one time?"
  • 1 You order dinner from another place, but you are complaining about it the whole time.
  • 2 You order dinner from the place that offers you and all your friends an option that is acceptable to everyone.

You are attending an online meeting. One of the participants is making a presentation. Suddenly his child starts making noise and shows up on the screen. What will you do?

  • 2 You offer the presenter to let someone else make their presentation first and he can continue afterwards
  • 1 You rebuke the parent for not being able to calm his child down
  • 0 You can’t stand children

You are interviewing candidates for hiring at a supermarket. One of the candidates has a tattoo on his wrist. What will you do?

  • 1 You have already decided not to hire him because of the tattoo but you still interview the candidate
  • 0 You reject the candidate without an interview
  • 2 You interview the candidate, just like others, without paying attention to his tattoo.

Your parents disapprove of your decision to marry a person that belongs to a different ethnicity. How will you react?

  • 0 You will obey to their wishes and break up with the partner immediately
  • 2 You will have a candid conversation with them and explain that everyone is equal irrespective of their ethnicity
  • 1 You offer your partner to change his/her ethnic affiliation.

You are going to work and you are in a hurry. Driver of a cab that you booked through an app turned out to be a woman. What will you do?

  • 1 You offer to drive the car because you are a better driver
  • 0 You cancel your ride and leave
  • 2 You sit in the car and calmly continue reading an article on your phone

A person sitting next to you on a flight is asking you to change seats for religious reasons. What will you do?

  • 2 You agree because you don’t mind. It looks like he will be more comfortable that way.
  • 1 You become annoyed and not respond at all.
  • 0 You refuse to change seats, why should you bother?

You are working on a group project. One of your group members is a student with a disability. Another group member suggests to speak with the lecturer, in order to transfer the student with a disability to another group because „you don’t have time to read the book out loud for her“. What will you do?

  • 0 You kick the person who made the suggestion off the team
  • 2 You explain to the person who made the suggestion that the student with a disability has her own text reader and she will be able to participate in the group project, just like others.
  • 1 You agree and speak to the lecturer.

You witness an incident in a bus. In particular, a passenger was loudly insulting another passenger (a young man), because of his orange shirt and earring. What will you do?

  • 1 You get off the bus, even though this is not your stop
  • 0 You immediately urge the passenger who is insulting another passenger to get off the bus
  • 2 You try to defuse the situation by telling the passenger that how another person dresses is none of their business.

You are attending a concert. The national anthem is performed before the concert begins. The audience stands up but one of the attendees continues to sit calmly. What will you do?

  • 1 At the end of the anthem you approach the person and lecture him about true patriotism
  • 0 You destroy him with your gaze. This is completely unacceptable!
  • 2 You realize that he is not bothering anyone, just sitting calmly, so you do nothing.

Your child became friends with an African-American child. Next week your child has a birthday and she wants to invite the new friend. What will you do?

  • 2 You allow him to invite the new friend together with other guests. Colour of his skin or his ethnicity does not matter.
  • 0 You ask your child not to invite his new friend because it will be unacceptable for the grandparents.
  • 0 It’s better if your child plays with children like him.

Your score: 

You are truly a tolerant person, a real Mahatma Gandhi! It’s time for you to share your values with others.

You are on the right path. It will certainly lead you to the temple. Continue working on your tolerant personality.

This is a good opportunity for you to rethink your values. Tolerance toward others will only make you richer. “What you give away is yours...“


Thank you for taking our quiz!


The quiz was prepared by the Human Rights Council of the Government’s Administration of Georgia with the support of the Council of Europe in the framework of the Equality Week. The Equality Week aims to raise awareness about the importance of diversity and equality. It is celebrated around the International Day for Tolerance and is implemented as part of the I Choose Equality campaign.