Back European Rendez-vous in Gardens 2024: The five senses in the Garden

European Rendez-vous in Gardens 2024: The five senses in the Garden

The Rendez-vous aux jardins 2024 edition, to be be held on Friday 31 May (day dedicated to schoolchildren), Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 June in France and twenty other European countries, will be devoted to the joyful and unifying theme of "five senses in the garden", inviting the public to explore the richness of the multisensory palette offered by the gardens.

A bed in full bloom, a grove of trees with branches showing the sky, a delicious perfume at the bend of an alley, the smell of humus after the rain, a juicy fruit picked directly from a shrub, the murmur of leaves animated by a breeze, the song of birds, the clear sound of a waterfall, the caress of a trunk covered with moss... And the mind wanders, recharging itself far from daily worries. The garden can also heal, soothe, soothe and energize. Thus, the creation of sensory gardens for therapeutic purposes is multiplying in hospitals, retirement homes and care centres for the benefit of vulnerable people or people with disabilities.

The Rendez-vous in Gardens are an opportunity to travel to all the territories to discover the diversity of landscapes, ecosystems, plants and also that of the actors of the garden and the landscape. A link between the city and the countryside, between urbanization and rurality, the garden is indeed the cultural space where sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch participate in stagings that exalt the five senses.

All garden owners in Europe wishing to participate can already register here!

Study day (Institut national du patrimoine in Paris, 7 February 2024)

This event addressed to all the organisers (national, regional and European) aimed to study the multiple possibilities offered by the theme chosen for 2024. You can find on this page: the programme of this day, a bibliography and the presentation of the speakers, as well as the video recording  (only in French)

21 countries are planning to participate

 Andorra,  Belgium,  Croatia,  Czechia,  Estonia,  Finland,  France,  Germany,  Hungary,  Italy,  Latvia,  Lithuania,  Luxembourg,  Monaco,  Poland,  Portugal,  Romania,  Slovak Republic,  Slovenia,  Spain,  Switzerland.

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Strasbourg, France 8 April 2024
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