Increasing Austrian lawyers capacities on Data Protection and Privacy Rights

Vienna, Austria 11/01/2017
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Increasing Austrian lawyers capacities on Data Protection and Privacy Rights

The first ‘HELP in the 28’ course launched jointly with the Austrian Bar Association (ÖRAK) focused on the topic of data protection and privacy rights.

This ‘HELP in the 28’ course will help lawyers to identify violations and apply remedies in specific areas of data protection and privacy rights. It therefore aims at protecting individuals from violations, which in the current digital area, may come from both private and public actors.

The Orak President and HELP Info Point Rupert Wolff opened the course, welcoming over 30 lawyers taking the course (including 10 women).

Prof. Dietmar Jahnel gave a presentation about Data Protection and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the EU Reform, outlining its objectives and potential benefits, and illustrating it with most relevant cases of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The Head of the Austrian Data Protection Authority, Andrea Jelinek, made a passionate presentation explaining the functions of the Austrian DPA , sharing her insight on the future of the EU Reform and expectations from the regulator's view.

The “Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals in the 28” or “HELP in the 28 Programme” under which the course has been created, was presented. It is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Council of Europe using its HELP methodology. “HELP in the 28” is the largest training project within the EU on fundamental rights for judges, prosecutors and lawyers.

The national tutor, Günther Leissler, who will co-tutor the course with Hannelore Schmidt, explained the course dynamics and content. The course structure is as follows:

  1. Introduction and basic knowledge
  2. Specific areas of data protection (DP) such as medical sector, media, new technologies (i.e. GPS, drones, CCTV), e-communication and marketing, and workplace surveillance
  3. Enforcement

    Once piloted in Austria, it will be accessible online in German and adapted to the Austrian legal system (during 2017 spring). In the meantime, the English version is accessible at the 'HELP in the 28' website to any user who opens a HELP account.

    There are high expectations for this course among participating lawyers, most of whom have data protection expertise.

    Click here for the video presentation of the course.

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