Back Visit to Lithuania on the execution of the European Court's judgments

Visit to Lithuania on the execution of the European Court's judgments

On 19 and 20 February, the Department for the Execution of Judgments carried out a mission to Vilnius, organised in cooperation with the Agent of the Government of Lithuania before the European Court.

The Department’s delegation met representatives from the Ministries of Justice, of Health, of Social Security and Labour, of Culture, of Education, Science and Sport, of the Interior, of Foreign Affairs, and of Environment; the Parliamentary Committees on Human Rights, on Health Affairs, on Culture, and on National Security and Defence; the Parliament’s Ombudsperson’s Office and the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson’s Office; the Migration Department; the State Border Guard Service; the Prison Service; and the National Land Service to exchange on the status of execution in the pending cases both under enhanced and standard supervision.

Detailed discussions were held on the short-term and long-term perspectives for the execution of the Court’s judgments against Lithuania concerning the lack of implementing legislation on full gender reassignment (L. v. Lithuania), the illegitimate restrictions of the freedom of expression on account of the measures taken against a children’s fairy tale book depicting same-sex relationships as essentially equivalent to different-sex relationships (Macate v. Lithuania), and the lack of adequate access to asylum procedures (M.A. and Others v. Lithuania).

Further exchanges were held on the judgments concerning poor conditions of detention, restitution of properties, and all other cases under standard supervision to ensure the submission of updated information.

 Country factsheet of Lithuania

Vilnius 22 February 2024
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