Electoral system*: Mixed

Threshold*: -

Frequency of Parliamentary elections: 4 years

Compulsory voting: No (except in the Canton Schaffhausen, it is compulsory to vote until the age of 65)

Minimum age for voting*: 18

Minimum age for running*: 18

Quota type: Voluntary party quota

Percentage of women candidates*: 34,5% (in the Cantons with proportional representation)

Percentage of women elected*: 42%

Percentage of Members of parliament (National Council and Council of States) under age 30: 1,2%

Voter registration: Passive

Voter turnout: 41,5%

(National Council Elections, 20 October 2019)

Voting abroad: Yes

by e-voting or by postal voting

E-voting: No

Electoral Management Body (EMB):

Federal Chancellery

VOTA Database (Venice Commission / Mexican Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary - TEPJF):

Legislation and documents of the Venice Commission in the electoral field for Switzerland

*Information related to Parliamentary Elections or to the lower house of the Parliament