EEA/Norway Grants 2014-2021 (2018-2024)



The Education Department hosts the CoE’s role of International Partner Organisation in three programmes funded by the EEA/Norway Grants 2014-2021(2018-2024):

  • Bulgaria: “Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Enhanced Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups”
  • Romania: “Local Development and Poverty Reduction, Enhanced Roma Inclusion”
  • Slovak Republic: “Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Roma Inclusion”
  • Strategic advice and guidance to the programmes, in particular with regards to quality, inclusive education;
  • Advice on aligning programme activities with relevant CoE standards and approaches in view of strengthening their national implementation;
  • Advice on programme development and implementation bearing in mind the CoE’s human rights based project management methodology;
  • Participation in programme oversight bodies, selection committees, and key programme events to ensure quality programme delivery and compliance with regulations;
  • Facilitate the transfer of European experience to local stakeholders through CoE’s intergovernmental and expert networks.

The three programmes are currently being developed and are expected to be launched in the course of 2018.