To facilitate the implementation of digital citizenship education at schools and other non-formal and/or informal learning contexts and to promote it at local, regional, and national levels the Council of Europe initiated an informal network of education professionals in April 2019, known as DCE Promoters Network. Since then, the DCE Promoters have carried out numerous activities that are aimed at policy makers, teachers, students, teacher trainers, families, and school inspectors.


Building on the achievements of this initiative, the Council of Europe formalised the Network.

Members from States Parties to the European Cultural Convention have been designated by the Steering Committee for Education (CDEDU) members, and represent:
− public authorities responsible for education (national, regional, or local),
− higher education institutions,
− affiliated institutions (e.g., curriculum agency, teacher training institution).

The next mandate of the Network is valid from 1 June 2023 until 31 May 2026, and covers the following areas of work:

  • Policy and curriculum development
  • Teacher education and training
  • Project development and implementation
  • Awareness raising and dissemination
  • Monitoring and evaluation / impact assessment
  • Research.

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