What is the Best Practice Programme in Promoting Academic Integrity?

Based on the ETINED principles, the aim of the programme is to identify, publicly recognise and disseminate relevant practices in promoting academic integrity throughout higher education institutions in Europe.

Why a Best Practice Programme in Promoting Academic Integrity?

Ethics, transparency and integrity are prerequisite conditions for quality education.

  • Promoting academic integrity helps to protect the quality of academic and/or professional qualifications and credentials and is thus fundamental to the credibility of higher education institutions.
  • Promoting academic integrity and ethical principles and behaviours instils integrity-based practices in students and staff and helps to develop a culture of democracy and participation in education institutions.
  • Good practices help raise awareness of academic integrity and also increases the motivation and knowledge of how to protect and uphold integrity.
How does the Programme work?

A public call with different theme(s) is published every two years and it is open to:

  • Public and private higher education institutions recognised as belonging to the education system of one of the 50 States parties to the European Cultural Convention.
  • Student unions associated with higher education institutions of the States parties to the European Cultural Convention.

The practices are evaluated by a panel of experts.

Why apply?

Responding to the call gives higher education institutions and student unions the opportunity to showcase their practices, bringing attention to them, and inspiring others. Selected practices are recognised during an award ceremony.

During the second year of the cycle, following the call and the publishing of the results, the awarded practices are promoted through a variety of awareness-raising events, including visibility events around Europe and a compendium of good practices which will be disseminated to other higher education institutions.

Best Practice 2021/2022

Developed by Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Dilemma Game app aims to strengthen awareness of, and an open and critical discussion about, integrity in research. The game confronts researchers with integrity dilemmas, and it can be played in Individual, Group, and Lecture mode.




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