Description of the Web Archive Collection



Reference Code: FrSbCOE

Title: Council of Europe Web Archives

Creation Date: 2009

Description Level: Collection


  • 221 Million documents crawled on 09.01.20
  • 5.3 terabytes (5300 gigabytes (GB)) of Council of Europe web pages archived on 09.10.2020)

Location: Archive-It



Name of Creator: Council of Europe

Administrative History
The Council disseminates a considerable volume of information via its websites. The dynamic and ephemeral nature of the web as a medium poses challenges as regards the preservation of web content and access to it.

To capture and preserve the content of its websites, the Council of Europe uses the Archive-It subscription service of Internet Archive, a non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving websites. The Archive-It service includes hosting, access and storage. A web-based application is used to manage and search the web archives.

Since February 2009, the content of Council of Europe web pages has been captured and archived at predetermined intervals. The preserved content is available indefinitely via Internet.



The content of the major Council of Europe websites is regularly collected and preserved. Those websites include sites whose address begins with,;;; the Partial Agreements' websites, etc.