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2 May - 31 August 2022

Youth voice for spreading out democracy

Stanari, Bosnia and Herzegovina - National or local activity
Event Information

Organisation: Trade union Educational Center

Project grant approved: €12694

This project is based on the reality of young people in Stanari, where even if there is a local youth strategy, young people lack skills how to hold the institutions accountable and make sure it is implemented. The project hence proposes a series of activities to link young people with local institutions, mostly through capacity building and practical experiences. The project aim is to give voice to citizens which they entitled to introducing them with instruments of citizens’ engagement in order to influence political life of the community. Several activities are part of this project, and they build on each other: preparatory activities, then the training of 24 peer educators, 3 meetings with local decision makers, up to 6 workshops run by the peer educators in high schools reaching up to 100 young people, a final visit to the Parliament/Assembly of Republika Srpska, follow in the last phase of a communication campaign.