The Slovak Republic became the 31st member State of the Council of Europe on 30 June 1993.

Convention 108 Signed 14/04/00
  Ratified 13/09/00
Convention 108+ Signed 17/12/2019
National Constitution   Art. 19 and 22, 1992 Constitution
Specific National Legislation   Act on personal data protection
Euro amendment of the Act 428/2002 Coll. entered into force on 1st May 2005
Enacted   03/02/2005
Scope Manual Processing Yes

Non Natural person No

Public or private sector Both
Registration or Notification   Some Data
Special Authorisation for Exportation   No
Data Protection Authority

  The Office for personal data protection of the Slovak Republic
Commissioner For Personal Data Protection
Úrad na ochranu osobných údajov Slovenskej republiky Odborárske námestie č. 3 817 60 Bratislava 15
Tel: +421 7 59379 378 / Fax: +421 7 59379 266
Email: [email protected]