Croatia became the 40th member State of the Council of Europe on 6 November 1996.

Convention 108 Signed 05/06/2003
  Ratified 21/06/2005
National Constitution   Art. 37, 1990 Constitution (amendments 1997, 2000)
Specific National Legislation   Law on Protection of Personnal Data
(2 Regulations that are by laws: Regulation on the method of maintaining and the form of the records on personal data filing system (Official Gazzette, 105/04, 28 July 2004) and Regulation on the method of storing and special technical protection measures of special categories of personal data (Official Gazzette, 139/04, 6 Oct. 2004)
Enacted   01/10/2005
Scope Manual Processing Yes

Non Natural person No

Public or private sector Both
Registration or Notification   All data (important exceptions)
Special Authorisation for Exportation   No
Data Protection Authority
  Personal Data Protection Agency
Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency
Republike Austrije 25 10000 ZAGREB
Tel.: + 385 1 4609 000 / Fax: +385 1 4609 099