“Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” certified in 2022


The Women Writers Route reveals life and creativity of women writers at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. It was a time, when women started entering cultural, artistic and social life in greater numbers and their voices could no longer be ignored. The Route links symbolic and physical points of their lives and takes visitors to an exciting journey through real and imaginary spaces while discovering their life stories, literary creativity, linguistic diversity and their social struggle for equality and human rights. Through different activities, the Route enhances the visibility of women writers by highlighting their importance and reputation in European culture.



Balancing between tangible and intangible heritage, the Route links museums, memorial and reading rooms, public monuments, and other public spaces in six different countries and combines them with activities that put cultural literary and linguistic heritage in a new context. The Route fosters participative attitude towards literary and social heritage left behind by women writers, it strives to raise awareness and tries to shape new understanding of their importance and guarantees its conservation for future generations. The Women Writers Route thrives to increase the number of memorial places dedicated to overlooked or forgotten women writers.


Travelling today

The Route invites visitors to follow in the footsteps of women writers in Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia. The network brings together museums, memorial spaces and places dedicated to women writers and activities, for example workshops and productions for children, guided tours and events for the general public, tailor-made lectures for senior citizens, student exchanges etc. The Route encourages an experiential approach and promotes access to different forms of knowledge and enjoyment of literature, history and science.

Council of Europe values

The Route highlights their exceptional life stories and literary works that marked the struggle for human, women's and minority rights in the 20th century. These women writers prefigured gender equality as we know it today, inscribed in the Universal Declaration and the European Convention on Human Rights. Their lifestyles and extensive travel and exchange have contributed to intercultural dialogue, while their literature celebrates linguistic diversity and freedom of expression.


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