Certification Cycle 2020-2021 underway

Luxembourg, Luxembourg September 2020
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Certification Cycle 2020-2021 underway

The 2020-2021 Certification Cycle focuses on the regular evaluation of three certified Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and the evaluation of thirteen candidate networks applying for the “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” certification.

Certified Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe under regular evaluation:

  1. European Mozart Ways
  2. Huguenot and Waldensian trail
  3. European Route of Megalithic Culture

Candidates to the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe certification:

  1. Aeneas Route
  2. Alvar Aalto Route – 20th Century Architecture and Design
  3. The Castle Road – Habsburg’s Southeastern Bulwark
  4. Cyril and Methodius Route
  5. The European Route d'Artagnan
  6. FORTE CULTURA – Culture Route of Fortified Monuments
  7. Iron Age Danube Route
  8. Mary's Route
  9. Places of Peace – The European Peace Heritage Route
  10. Saint Francis' Ways
  11. European Route of Templar Heritage
  12. Via Eurasia
  13. Via Molina - The European Mill Route

Sixteen independent experts have been selected and contracted to conduct the independent evaluation of each route, including the preparation of an evaluation report to be submitted in December 2020. The selection was done on the basis of geographic and gender balance, academic background, professional experience as well as language requirements.

Since early March, the EPA Secretariat – with the support of the European Institute of Cultural Routes – has been working on the coordination of the Certification Cycle 2020-2021.

Following the launch of the 2020-2021 Certification Cycle on 31st march, an online training seminar for candidate networks applying for certification was organized on 9-12 June. The event saw the attendance of more than 70 participants representing 17 candidate networks.

The seminar also included bilateral advisory meetings between the EPA Secretariat / EICR staff and each candidate network. Likewise, individual meetings with certified Cultural Routes under regular evaluation were set up with the representatives of each network in order to discuss the preparation of their evaluation files.

The results of the independent experts’ evaluationns will be analysed by the EPA Governing Board at its annual meeting in April 2021.

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