“Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” certified in 2022


The European Fairy Tale Route is based on our common tangible and intangible heritage, bringing together fairy tale books and their renowned authors, vernacular stories and oral traditions of the past. In a journey suspended between space and time, visitors can explore the enchanted places that housed their favourite fairy tale characters, but also delve into the fairy tales literary culture or experience an amusement park in the European fairy tale tourist destinations linked by the Route.



The European Fairy Tale Route is a cultural route that allows children and adults to consider their specific culture in a broader European perspective. Fairy tales are an important part of European culture. They echo stories that Europeans have shared from ancient times to the present day, very often in a common context. They are stories that have become part of the collective imagination and local culture of European people.


 Travelling today

The European Fairy Tale Route is a journey between imaginary spaces and real places. It explores the fairy tales that accompanied our childhood on the way to adulthood, and which are still present today in the minds of European children. It is a route of (re)discovery of the characters and authors of European fairy tales, of the enchanted places imagined when we were young, which is part of a new type of cultural and experiential tourism, where emotion and imagination are at the heart of the journey.

Council of Europe values

Fairy tales are a common shared heritage of all Europeans. They play today a very active role in the education of children but also transmit values to adults. They are therefore a strong intercultural and educational instrument and a relevant communication tool to improve cultural democracy and democratic citizenship in our society, and to better live together in Europe.


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