Training on “Processing and Adjudicating Money Laundering Cases” (Baku, Azerbaijan, 22-23 October 2018)

Training on “Terrorism Financing: Concepts and Challenges” (Baku, Azerbaijan, 27 September 2018)

Developing Risk Assessment Methodology and Sector-specific Guidelines in Azerbaijan (Baku, Azerbaijan, 24-26 September 2018)


Workshop on “Introducing and delivering Anti-Corruption and Ethics courses in higher education” (Baku, Azerbaijan, 24 November 2017)

Pilot Trainings on Ethics and Anti-Corruption in Public Service (Ganja, Azerbaijan, 9-10 October 2017)

Seminars on Criminal Liability of Legal Persons for Trainee Judges (Baku, Azerbaijan, 28 and 29 September 2017)

Training of Trainers Course on Anti-Corruption (Baku, Azerbaijan, 11-13 July 2017)

Regional Pilot Training on Performance Evaluations in Public Service (Gabu, Azerbaijan, 30 June 2017)

Training-of-Trainers on Performance Evaluations in Civil Service in Azerbaijan (Baku, Azerbaijan, 20-21 April 2017)

Training-of-trainers on Ethics in Public Service in Azerbaijan (Baku, Azerbaijan, 17-19 April 2017)

Azerbaijani law enforcement and civil servants discuss whistleblower protection (Baku, Azerbaijan, 27-28 February 2017) 


Workshop on Mutual Legal Assistance in Asset Recovery (Baku, Azerbaijan, 31 October-1 November 2016)

Seminar on transparency in political party financing (Baku, Azerbaijan, 7 June 2016)

Training on Plea Bargaining and Non-Prosecution Agreements (Baku, Azerbaijan, 17 May 2016)

Anti-Money Laundering Training (Baku, Azerbaijan, 16 May 2016)

Public Discussion on draft Anti-Corruption Action Plan (Baku, Azerbaijan, 14 March 2016)


Council of Europe prepares future ethics trainers in Azerbaijan (Baku, Azerbaijan, 03-04 December 2015)

Workshop on investigation and prosecution of legal entities and asset recovery 
(Baku, Azerbaijan, 19-20 November 2015)

Ethics Workshop (Baku, Azerbaijan, 22-23 September 2015)