PACS Project Closing Conference

17 december 2015 Belgrade, Serbia

PACS project held its closing conference on 17 December 2015. Numerous beneficiaries, as well as the wider public concerned with anti-corruption reforms, discussed the results achieved through a number of project activities carried out during the past three years. The conference opening remarks...

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Integrity testing as an anti-Corruption measure in police

27 november 2015 Belgrade, Serbia

Integrity testing within the police was discussed by key national stakeholders in Belgrade on 27 November 2015. The roundtable provided participants with the opportunity to learn from international experts from the UK, Romania and Czech Republic, as well as share their views on advantages and...

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Risk assessment of Serbian border police

13 November 2015 Belgrade, Serbia

A team of international experts will continue with the analysis of risks on exposure to corruption for specific professions/posts within the Serbian police during their second visit. This visit will comprise interviews and sample analysis of the corruption risks within the Border Police. The...

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Training on financial investigation

30 october 2015 Arandjelovac, Serbia

Prosecutors, law enforcement officers and representatives of state regulatory bodies, 30 beneficiaries in total, participated in a three-day training workshop on financial investigations and procurement fraud in Arandjelovac, Serbia, from 28 to 30 of October. The training, organised in...

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Judicial Academy students discuss ethics

23 October 2015 Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia

Two conferences for the 4th and 5th generation of the Judicial Academy students will be held in Belgrade and Novi Sad in October. Presentations and the case studies delivered by the national trainers certified by PACS will discuss diverse aspects of judicial ethics. These events present the final...

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Risk Analysis: international experts visit Belgrade

24 September 2015 Belgrade, Serbia

A team of international experts will visit Belgrade on 23-24 September to carry out the second stage of a large scale risk analysis on exposure to corruption for specific professions/posts within police. The experts, accompanied by the project team, will meet the counterparts at the Serbian...

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PACS manual on judicial ethics

31 July 2015 Belgrade, Serbia

Following the series of trainings for judges and prosecutors held in 2015, PACS manual on judicial ethics was released in July 2015. The manual presents relevant international standards, national legal framework, good practice and hypothetical cases which might be useful to judges and prosecutors...

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Trainings for civil servants on the implementation of the Law on Protection of Whistleblowers

1 July 2015 Kragujevac and Niš, Serbia

42 administrative and labour inspectors attended the first two trainings on the application of the Law on Protection of Whistleblowers organised in Kragujevac and Niš on 30 June and 1 July 2015, as support to the Ministry of Justice in the implementation of the recently adopted Law. Series of...

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Serbian disciplinary commissions learn from French experience

17 June 2015 Paris, France

Members of the Disciplinary Commissions of the Serbian High Judicial and State Prosecutorial Councils visited the French capital on 15-17 of June. The delegation met with representatives of the French Ministry of Justice, the State Council, the Superior Council of Magistrates and the General...

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Project Fifth Steering Committee Meeting

1 June 2015 Belgrade, Serbia

Subsequent to the decision of the 4th Steering Committee meeting to approve the no-cost extension of the project, the Council of Europe and the European Union Delegation in Serbia signed the Addendum to the Contribution Agreement thus officially prolonging the project duration up to 31 January...

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