Regional Thematic Seminar: “Strengthening Anti-corruption Prosecutorial Services in SEE 
(in cooperation with the Internal Investigation Department, Hamburg, Germany)” 
20-21 April 2006, Hamburg, Germany

15-16 February 2006, Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro

Publication in Macedonian language: “Compilation of Council of Europe Standards in Combating Corruption” 
January 2006, Skopje, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”

Regional Thematic Seminar: “Anti-corruption services and conflict-of-interest laws” 
18-19 November 2005, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

Conference: “Anti-corruption Measures and Policies: 
European Integration and Anti-corruption Programe in Montenegro” 
19 October 2005, Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro

Report on current status and needs for reform in SEE anti-corruption services 
July 2005, Strasbourg, France

(Presentation and Report
1 st Regional Conference (PACO-Impact) 
8-10 July 2004, Budva, Serbia and Montenegro