Armenian Corruption Prevention Commission staff better equipped to analyse public officials’ asset and interest declarations

Yerevan, Armenia 13 May 2021
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© Council of Europe

© Council of Europe

Among its responsibilities, the Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia (CPC) maintains the registry of Public Officials’ property, income, and interest declarations. It also regulates the publication, checking and analysing process of these declarations, conducts the verification of the credibility and completeness of the data submitted in the system and the submission process of declarations, in accordance with the established methodology and the Orders adopted by the institution, and presents conclusions based on the results of the analysis.

On 13 May 2021 targeted training on the “public officials property, income and interest declarations analysing process” was provided to the new staff members of the CPC who will be directly conducting the verification and analysis of the declarations. The training programme was based on methodologies and practical manuals previously developed, within the long term collaboration between the Council of Europe and the CPC in this area (see: Council of Europe provides support to the verification of assets and interest declarations of Armenian officials and Verification and analysis of asset and interest declarations of high officials in Armenia). This is also part of the continuous support from the PGGII Project on “Strengthening institutional capacities to fight and prevent corruption in Armenia” to the CPC in the practical implementation of its functions.

During the training, the concerned CPC staff members had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and practice of the different stages of verification of asset, income and interest declarations, including plausibility check, full audit, the scope and type of relevant and necessary data for each stage, the list of relevant state institutions to which information inquiries need to be sent, and the management of additional information received. The training also covered the practical and detailed legal requirements for the process of analysis of asset declarations and escalation of findings.

This event completes a cycle of comprehensive support provided to strengthen Armenian institutional capacities in this key component of the corruption prevention system. It helps ensure the accurate application of previously developed methodologies and instructions by the national staff, and thus increase their performance in the analysis of public officials’ declarations, to prevent and detect potential cases of corruption and related issues.

This activity was organised within the framework of the EU/CoE Partnership for Good Governance II Project on “Strengthening institutional capacities to fight and prevent corruption in Armenia” (PGGII-ARM) which is funded jointly by the European Union and the Council of Europe and implemented by the Council of Europe.