SNAC III - Programme Launching event

Strasbourg, France 18 September 2018
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SNAC III - Programme Launching event

The cooperation between the Council of Europe and the Southern Mediterranean countries has further intensified with the launching of the third phase of the Programme “South Programme III: Ensuring sustainable democratic governance and human rights in the Southern Mediterranean”. This joint European Union/Council of Europe Programme will build on the results from the previous cooperation cycles in 2011-2014 (South Programme I) and 2015-2017 (South Programme II).

The Programme launching event of 18 September 2018 gathered more than 30 high level representatives from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria and Palestine*.

The participants engaged in exchanges on various areas of cooperation, the fight against corruption being one of the major issues discussed.

The meeting was an opportunity to report on the progress made under the Programme, to present the ambitions of the new phase, to identify areas for improvement and to discuss ways to combat common challenges.

The Secretariat of the Economic Crime and Cooperation Division (ECCD) held bilateral meetings with several beneficiaries in order to strengthen cooperation, especially in the areas of fight against corruption and democratic governance structures, and to initiate new areas of cooperation in line with evolving international and European standards.

Mr Chawki Tabib of L'Instance Nationale de Lutte Contre la Corruption (INLUCC) explained briefly in an interview how Tunisia has benefited from the SNAC Programme as regards the fight against corruption, money laundering and terrorism. The programme assisted Tunisia in reinforcing agents’ capacities through multiple trainings according to identified needs. Mr Tabib indicated that the Programme PASC II will continue assisting Tunisia in its new challenge in becoming a member of GRECO.


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